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101 Things to Do in 1001 Days

April 24, 2009

Alright, so I alluded to my 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days list the other day, when I insisted I would not be posting that list on this blog. But then I thought about it. Maybe I should have a public 101 things to do in 1001 days list. So here goes!

By Friday, January 20, 2012, I would like to:

  1. Travel overseas again (Canada/Mexico do not count)
  2. Read Illiad OR The Odyssey
  3. Purchase either two kayaks or one canoe
  4. Go on another canoe/kayak trip
  5. Go properly vegetarian for one month (no fish allowed)
  6. Be vegan for a week.
  7. Read the Bible cover to cover.
  8. Finish wedding crosstitch
  9. Finish a paint-by-number
  10. Put together wedding scrapbook
  11. Have a spa day (a good $500+ in treatments spa day)
  12. Visit Niagara Falls
  13. Insure wedding rings
  14. Donate food to food pantry
  15. Paint inside of house
  16. Read and recite Beowulf (Yes, I’m a geek. Deal :)
  17. Go to the opera
  18. Go to another broadway show
  19. Burn new Rajaton CD
  20. Get car detailed
  21. Watch the sun rise
  22. Complete a basic Welsh course
  23. Learn how to knit
  24. Really enjoy one day from beginning to end.
  25. Organize closet under the stairs
  26. Get living will written
  27. Go camping again.
  28. Take K to top of Mt. Ampersand
  29. Visit Mabee history site
  30. Visit Albany Schuyler mansion
  31. Finish Wales book #1 (Started A History of Wales 4/5/08)
  32. Finish Wales book #2
  33. Read book on time period of 1483-1500 in England
  34. Encourage parents to draw up will. ( I can’t believe they still don’t have one)
  35. Visit CO again.
  36. Visit FL again.
  37. Get a dog
  38. Buy new house.
  39. Get bar and fed. bar certificates framed
  40. Frame Wales pic that J gave me at my engagment party (!!! 3 years ago)
  41. Visit Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen
  42. Visit 3 farms from where we get our food
  43. Go on a wine tour.
  44. Pay off all private school loans
  45. Increase retirement savings to 15%
  46. Pay off car
  47. Donate to WAMC
  48. Donate $ to Humane Society
  49. Hike Gertrude’s Nose again.
  50. Run a mile.
  51. Participate in an orienteering meet
  52. Swim 50 laps
  53. Swim 100 laps
  54. Participate in a 5K run.
  55. Have a child
  56. Get to goal weight
  57. Start a compost heap
  58. Maintain a garden
  59. Save up for new downpayment on a house.
  60. Purchase a DSLR.
  61. Be an expert at using the DSLR.
  62. Finish writing new novel.
  63. Edit Nanowrimo novel.
  64. Get chickens.
  65. Learn how to use my sewing machine.
  66. Be more self-confident.
  67. Go snow-shoeing.
  68. Buy new bedroom furniture.
  69. Buy new dining room furniture.
  70. Buy new living room furniture.
  71. Send my parents to Hawaii for their anniversary.
  72. Put up shelves in closet under the stairs.
  73. Make a list of 25 things I like about myself.
  74. Make a list of 50 things that make me happy.
  75. Write K a love letter.
  76. Update my resume.
  77. Wear heels at least once a week.
  78. Make and give a book on how to make pasteles to my family for Christmas.
  79. Make and can my own salsa.
  80. Buy and learn how to use a pressure canner.
  81. Sell something on Etsy or at the Farmer’s Market.
  82. Visit Lake Placid.
  83. Complete the Couch to 5K program.
  84. Ride 100 miles on the Expresso bike.
  85. Do all 24 weeks of Buff Brides again, even though I’m no longer a bride.
  86. Write in my diary at least once a month.
  87. Ride my bike down the canal path to Schenectady.
  88. Ride my bike to the Farmer’s market.
  89. Design professional looking labels for my jam.
  90. Keep a political journal.
  91. Go one month without drinking any coffee, tea, or soda.
  92. Make pesto from scratch.
  93. Make it through OHS.
  94. Do something so utterly fantastic for my husband, to thank him for all he does for me.
  95. Take  the Animal Law II class.
  96. Figure out how to get my parents to treat me like an adult.
  97. Invite my cousin J over for dinner, or take him out for the day.
  98. Complete a 12-place Fiestaware set with serving pieces.
  99. Invite over or go out to dinner with E and L.
  100. Invite over or go out to dinner with V and K.
  101. Keep this list updated.

I’ll organize this list better later. Does anyone else have a 101 in 1001 list?

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