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That was fast!

April 24, 2009

So I planted the organic cilantro on April 15, right?

Look what I found today!



Yay!  After taking this picture, I decided I should show what else I have growing at the house.



That’s our overgrown basil that made it through the winter.

Non-organic cilantro


Also our half-dead parsley that is slowly coming back to life.

Our new organic curly parsley

Our new organic curly parsley

You can’t see here, but I think the edges may have gotten a little frost-bitten earlier in the week.



This is our avocado plant.  Given where we live, it will never produce fruit, but the hubby really likes planting random seeds.



Case in point. K has planted so many different things in this pot, he has no idea what this could be. He’s narrowed it down to quenepas or lemon.  Sigh…

This weekend our plants are in for another shock. It’s gone from 36F degrees a few days ago to 85F degrees tomorrow.  Monday will be the hottest at 87F.  Our plants are so new, we’re hoping they can take the sudden change.  If there were older and had been planted awhile we wouldn’t worry so much. I don’t want my new strawberry plants to die!

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  1. S1B permalink
    April 25, 2009 10:16 pm

    <> Thanks for the tour of the plants you have growing closer to home.

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