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Possible Frost

April 29, 2009

K and I almost didn’t go to the garden today because there was a huge manhunt right in the area that closed down several streets.  I had a doctors appointment earlier and heard helicopters overhead, and the nurses were talking about running to their cars so as not to be caught outside as I left the office.  But there’s a frost advisory tonight, so the hubby and I figured we should mulch our plants so they make it through.

Our little lettuce plants look to be doing well.  We are beginning to see the first formations of rows!

Lettuce rows

Lettuce rows

I finally got a new picture of the strawberries again – they look like they have settled in quite nicely.  They are definitely bigger and greener.

Strawberry plants 4/29

Strawberry plants 4/29

This is how they looked 10 days ago.

Strawberry plants 4/19

Strawberry plants 4/19

In the end we decided not to mulch, as the hubby convinced me that lettuce is hardy enough to make it through a light freeze.  I hope he’s right!

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