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The Deer Brook Inn

May 25, 2009
DCI sign

DCI sign

The hubster and I are home from our weekend to Vermont.  Man, it takes me two days just to start relaxing…just in time to come home and get ready for work tomorrow, boo.  But we had a lovely time away.

As you can tell by the name of the post, we stayed at the Deer Brook Inn this weekend.  It was our first experience at a Bed and Breakfast but it’s ranked the #1 B&B in the state of Vermont! I wish I had remembered to get a pic of our hosts David and George, they made our stay super comfortable.

The inn is located on the outskirts of Woodstock, just before you get to the town.  We stayed in Room #2, which was very Bed and Breakfasty-floral but comfortable.  We had a skylight above our bed, and last night we stared up at the multitude of stars through it.  Beautiful.

Room 2

Room 2

The rest of the house was really nice too.  We didn’t spend much time in the living room as we were out most of the evenings, but I think during the wintertime, with a nice fire – it would be very cozy.

Living room

Living room

But the dining room is the most beautiful.  Every morning, David and George cook up a scrumptious breakfast that is to die for.  Our first morning we started with a martini glass filled with vanilla yogurt, fresh fruit, granola, then were treated to a freshly baked cinnamon muffin.  The “main course” was an apple pancake, which looked more like an apple souffle.  Oh my gosh so good.  And of course, all the coffee/tea/juice you wanted.  This morning we started with a bowl of fresh fruit, peach poundcake , and then an omlet with tomato, vialia onion, made with three kinds of local cheese: cheddar, gruyere, and jack.  Oh, and some sausage links.  Most things were local, it seems as if everyone patrons each other – they buy eggs and honey, and send customers back and forth.  Delish!

The owners do everything for you.  The first morning, I asked for a glass of ice water along with my OJ (I don’t drink coffee and wasn’t in the mood for tea) and this morning, it was whisked to my side as soon as I sat down, before I could even ask.  Yesterday, K asked for honey for his tea and they heated it up in the microwave.  K mentioned that it’s often easier if it’s heated up in hot water and today, upon giving his tea, they also handed him the honey, mentioning it had been heated up in hot water.  Awesome :)  They also made awesome dinner reservations for us, calling everyone up like they’re friends and setting it all up with a minimum of hassle and fuss.

Dining room

Dining room

I was so jealous of their outside – I can only hope our backyard in our imaginary future house looks like it, open meadow with adirondack chairs and a comfy outside patio.

Back yard

Back yard

We had lots of talks with the owners, and other guests staying there. It was actually a little sad to leave today – and we were only there two nights!  David learned all about my obsession with Wales and offered to plan an itinerary for me to the UK if I ever go back again :)  K told me later he thought I could probably plan out David’s itinerary instead!  (((Anglophiles)))

Hopefully one day we’ll go back!

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