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I love nesting

May 31, 2009

The weekend is almost over.  Sad.  I’ve really enjoyed the day, we’ve spent most of it cleaning, doing laundry, doing stuff around the house.  This stuff makes me happy, I’m a little strange. It’s also long overdue, because we’ve both been so busy.  K spent this afternoon painting the ceiling and trim of the den – that room we started painting way back in February.  Maybe one day it’ll be finished and we can move everything back in.  Have I told you that the bannisters from our painting we did in the hallway LAST Memorial Day (2008!) are still not back up?  Yea…we have issues with painting, me thinks.

Yesterday, we headed to the Co-op as part of our weekly food shopping, and we found this!

Bufala di Vermont maple yogurt

Bufala di Vermont maple yogurt

We were excited to see that the yogurt made at the water buffalo farm we visited last week in Woodstock is sold at Honest Weight Co-op. Unfortunately, they don’t carry the Espresso yogurt that K was hoping to find.  But it was great to have a discussion with one of the store workers all about the farm.  He knew all about the farm’s history which we had learned last week.  Hopefully one day they will start carrying the Espresso flavor again, because we’re not quite sure how the maple will be.

Anyway, today we started the day off with the Farmers Market, since we haven’t been in a couple of weeks as we were in Vermont last weekend.

Market booty

Market booty

Bought today:

  • 1/2 gallon apple cider from Migliorelli Farm
  • 1 quart 2% milk from Battenkill Creamery
  • 1 loaf honey whole wheat bread from Our Daily Bread
  • 1 stick of rhubarb (I just wanna try it!) from Migliorelli Farm
  • 1lb ground beef from Mariaville Angus Farm
  • 1 quart spring broccoli from Barber Farm
  • 1 apple from Migliorelli Farm
  • .20lb Caerphilly cheese from Argyle Cheese Farmer

We had to hit the market quickly because we needed to get over to Schoharie to meet with the leaders of the Schoharie Co-op Cannery.  After getting slightly lost, we finally made it, but unfortunately there was a low turnout for today’s meeting and only the founder, Peter, was there.  However, we sat and talked about the cannery and what I might be help out with.  Should be interesting, I have a bit of homework to do.  I honestly never thought I would need to know about Agricultural Cooperative laws!


Back at home, I’ve spent the day doing tons of laundry, cleaning out the refrigerator, and cleaning around the house.  Fun stuff.  But it’s kind of comforting in a way. I guess that’s why they call it nesting, right?

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  1. June 1, 2009 12:13 pm

    LOVE nesting, too. I had a great day of it yesterday! Farmers market loot looks great.

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