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More preserving

September 9, 2009

Last week, I made some strawberry jam.  And it was yummy.

Crushed strawberries

Crushed strawberries

I’ve had the strawberries we picked and hulled in June sitting in the freezer since then, and I was afraid keeping them in the freezer too long might ruin the quality of the jam. I have no idea if it would have though.  So I defrosted 2 quarts, and then mashed the strawberries in an old cookie pan, one layer of a time.  I poured all the strawberry juice and mushed up berries into my canning pot.

Canning pot

Canning pot

This is my canning pot.  It’s the one we picked up from BBB a few weeks ago, and the one I’m utterly in love with! Four quarts big – it’s perfect for cooking up preserves!

Things you need to preserve

Things you need to preserve

After the berries were done, I added the necessary lemon juice and powdered pectin. I’m not sure why some recipes ask for powdered pectin and others ask for liquid pectin.  My canning bible says you cannot substitute powdered for liquid or vice versa either, so I’m glad I had some in the house!

Finally, I added a bazillion cups of sugar to the jam.  Well, not really, but it certainly felt like it! The recipe called for 7 cups and I never think you need as much sugar as it calls for.  But with the raspberry jam, we thought it was sweet enough, so we only put 1 cup in, and later on when we tasted it, it was really sour! So I put almost 5 cups of sugar into the strawberry jam.

Bubbling strawberries

Bubbling strawberries

As usual, I filled the mason jars, put on the lids and bands, and processed them in the boiling water canner.  At the end, I had 7 half-pints, but they didn’t seem to gel very well.  They are pretty syrupy. Still, they taste awesome.

Finished jam

Finished jam

As of this point I have jam in the following fruits:

  • Blueberry (3 half-pints)
  • Raspberry (3 half-pints)
  • Blackberry (5 half-pints)
  • Strawberry (7 half-pints)
  • Peach (1 half-pint left over from last year still)

And I still have to make Cherry Jam.

I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with all of this. There’s no way we can go through 25+ pints of jam in the next year, LOL. I imagine we’ll give some away as presents to friends and family though.  Even if I kept three of each…can we really go through 15 jars of jam in the next year?

Don’t dare me to do it.  You’d lose. :)

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  1. September 9, 2009 4:45 pm

    I do dare you too! haha.

    I made way too much jam this year too – I think next year I’ll freeze more berries!

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