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November 13, 2009

I have had the most God-awful migraine all week.  At least, I’m pretty sure I have.  I definitely had one last Saturday, complete with aura, and then some mind-bending nausea all week until yesterday, when I got a book-end migraine with aura again! So I am now of the opinion I had some low-grade migraine going on all week. And some nice, full sugar/full caffeine Coke (my go-to cure normally) didn’t work for the first time ever…sigh…

As such, I’ve not done much all week.  Most nights I came home, didn’t even eat dinner, and just went to bed. With the exception of Wednesday of course, when I stayed in bed for much of the day. :)

But the weekend is just about here, and we are going downstate.  Ostensibly for the Jets game on Sunday (which is likely to be very painful, I’m sure :)) but it will be nice to see some family as well.

I have never ever been to a football game (besides a HS football game).  Is there anything I should do to prepare?  We’re tailgating too. I’ve never tailgated before either!

Yes, I’m a deprived child. :) 

Before we leave tomorrow though, I will have to get some pictures of how the spinach is doing in the cold frame! We had several 60+ degree days this past week (sure, now that they have some protection, the weather is nice!) and I’m half afraid they might have *burned* in the cold frame.  Still, we woke up to frost today, so I’m hoping they were nice and comfy last night.

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