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Snow in the Garden

December 6, 2009

Snow came late this year. It snowed in early October a tiny bit, but not enough to make much of a difference.  We got a couple of inches yesterday, December 5th, and had a few more snow showers today.  Just enough to make the world look pretty but not make driving around too terrible.

The Great Flats looked pretty today.

K and I headed to the garden to check on the spinach and dig up some more carrots for dinner this week.  We had mulched everything well a few weeks ago.  We ran into Anne and her son Sebastian at the garden and she told us if we buried the swiss chard in mulch it would come back really well next Spring.  Since it wasn’t really enough to eat anyway, we took her advice and buried it in several inches of leaves.  We mulched the carrots and garlic again as well. Today was a little cold, digging through the snow to get to the carrots.

K digging up some carrots

They are doing nicely under the snow.

The garden is pretty under a blanket of white.  We’re not really sure how the coldframe is doing.  It’s covered in ice and snow, which must mean it’s not that warm inside.

But maybe it’s just warm enough, because the spinach is growing!

The brussels sprouts are done, though.  We never harvested them, and in the snow, some have fallen over, and none look like they are big enough to eat.

Ahh, oh well, we are already planning out our garden for next spring!

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