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Rotten Onion

March 9, 2010

I wanted to post yesterday but WordPress was acting all weird.  Oh well..

I wanted to report that until yesterday, I had never seen a rotten onion.  But that has all changed now

The very first onion in the 10lb bag we bought from Madura Farm was rotten :( I know by this time of the year non-storage onions may sprout and not be as…shall we say…fresh as storage onions, or onions right after harvest. This is what I was worried about with our own onions that we cured and braided last fall.  However, our onions lasted until now without a problem, so I was really disappointed that the first onions we bought right after running out turned out to be worse.  I will be really upset if many more onions are that rotted and they were sold.

Yes, blehh.

Oh well.  Turning to more delectable things, yesterday we made potatoes and eggs, with a side of sauteed turnip greens for veggie.  Very, very nice!

Oh turnip greens! You are my new favorite veggie! But who knows how long you’ll be in season? Best to enjoy while I can.

A little bit of olive oil, garlic, and sauteed just a few seconds and it’s wonderful. Much less bitter than spinach, but more peppery.  Just a tad though, it’s really quite sweet and mild.  Hmm, can it be both sweet and peppery?

This went really well with the simple, local meal we prepared.  Just potatoes and eggs – red chieftains from our 10lb bag from Barber farm, and the eggs from Coopers Ark.

It might not look all that good, but it definitely tasty and hearty.

Not bad for a Monday night.

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