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Farmer’s Market Sunday

March 14, 2010

We made a mistake at the farmer’s market today.  We purchased a half pound of spinach from Barber’s Farm, or so we thought.  She weighed it out for us, and I put the spinach in my bag.  So imagine our surprise when we got home and found TWO bags of spinach, one smaller than the other.  I’m thinking one of us grabbed it by accident while we were talking to her, and put it in our bag (right in front of her)  not thinking about it and thinking it was ours.  I made quite a few errors at the market today, talking and trying to write at the same time (cannot write a check and continue a conversation for the life of me!) so I think this was one more thing. I’m sorry, Barber’s Farm. We didn’t mean to do that.  I will try to remember to give you a few bucks for the spinach next week.

Other than that, the farmer’s market was the same as usual for us.  The email telling us there would be green beans from Shushan today was sadly wrong.  They were nowhere to be found and the lady (I really must learn names!) said they’d just gone in and it would be a few weeks yet.  Oh well, I guess we’ll stick with leafy greens for now.

Our loot from today:

  • 1/2lb spinach (plus a second bag, oops) AND one ear of popcorn from Barber’s Farm
  • 1 croissant and 1 whole wheat sticky bun from Our Daily Bread
  • 1 1/2-gallon and 1 quart of reduced fat milk, 1 quart skim, 1 pint chocolate, and 2 pints half & half from Battenkill Creamery
  • 2 apples from Maynard Farm
  • 1lb ground pork and 1lb ground beef from Sweet Tree Farm
  • 1 dozen jumbo eggs from Coopers Ark Farm

Stories from today…

Coopers Ark

Phil from Coopers Ark Farm is an avid Farmville player on Facebook.  Some months back, along with his whiteboard sign announcing his eggs and prices, he wrote on there asking for Farmville neighbors.  I’ve never played myself, but I played Farmtown for a little while (no longer) and I’m pretty sure they work similarly.  I was asking him if Coopers Ark has a Facebook page (they don’t) and he started talking about Farmville again.  Apparently now he is on level 70, has millions of dollars, and is thinking of making a “political stand” on it.  :) It takes a lot of his time up, he says.  So he’s going to buy industrial plots with his millions of dollars and bulldoze the farm.  All to show his neighbors what’s happening to small farms in this country.  Interesting, eh?

Sweet Tree

When I asked for a pound each of ground pork and beef, the vendor (man, I should definitely know HIS name! I talk to him every week!) knew we were making meatballs right away.  They were taking orders for Easter ham, but we just got a ham from them in December, so we’ll be passing this time. (Too bad, I would love some!)  I finally remembered to ask if they sell 1/4 cows and they do.  $4.75/lb for hanging weight (about 100lbs to a quarter cow, so $475 for it, whew!) and they’ll cut it however way you want it.  That price is cheaper than the either the separate meats we buy from them or the 8 o’clock CSA so we’re going to strongly consider it for the future.  But 100lbs of meat is much more than we eat in a year, even more than a year and a half so we’re going to need to find some friends to go in on it with us.

Our Daily Bread

My sticky bun, per usual, was fantastic.  That thing is so heavy (whole wheat flour) but so yummy it actually keeps me full till dinnertime.  K made his usual egg sandwich on the croissant but added a left over lamb sausage (we ate the rest of it for dinner this past week) and wow! Delicious.

What are you doing with all that milk?

Yea, we bought a lot this week.  K, poor guy, could barely carry it all with everything else, considering I couldn’t carry much because of my back.  We tend to go through slightly more than a half-gallon (but not as much as a gallon) of milk per week.  The chocolate milk, well, that’s my weekly vice.  But the skim milk and half and half are two new projects I’ll be trying to tackle this week!  I’m going to try making cream cheese myself!  I started it today, and when it’s finished I’ll put up a post about it, even if it fails miserably.

That’s all the news from this Sunday!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. March 14, 2010 7:59 pm

    I’m fascinated by all your homemade food stuffs :-)

  2. March 15, 2010 3:30 pm

    Looking forward to the cream cheese for sure.

    I might be interested in going in on some moo. Shoot me an email when/if you get around to it. 50#s wouldn’t be bad at all. But 100 would really be a lot!

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