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Garden Update

April 26, 2010

I’ve decided that this time of the year may just be my favorite.  Going into the warmer months – the cold has broken, but it’s not too warm – the smell of freshly growing things, the creeping greenery extending each and every day – I love it!

Last week, my onions and leeks came in!

Ok, there were a LOT more than 100 onion and 30 leek slips.

I planted 28 leeks.  Not exactly sure why, except that we had room, and you never know how many will make it to maturity. I guess we can always thin them out later. Wait, I think that’s what we said about the carrots last year.

Newly planted leek

Then, we planted 103 onions.  ONE HUNDRED AND THREE!  We’re nuts. But we had the room, and we went through the 44 onions we harvested last fall by January.  Hopefully, the majority of these will make it and we’ll have enough onions to last us the whole year.

Onions readied to plant

Meanwhile, the rest of the garden’s bounty is still small, but growing daily.

Looking green!

The spinach that got started in our cold frame is heads and tails beyond the spinach we’ve planted directly in the ground.

Baby spinach

The garlic we planted last year is looking great!

Last year's garlic

Even the garlic we planted a few weeks ago has taken root, and though smaller, is also looking good.

Now, the lettuce.  We’ve got lettuce coming out our ears.  I didn’t realize that so much of the lettuce that went to seed last year actually blew all over the plot.  Now that spring is upon us, little lettuce seedlings are growing everywhere!

Ugh, I wanted LESS lettuce this year! They’re practically like weeds -that’s how much there is everywhere.  But luckily, other things are also taking root. The first thing we planted this year (besides the spinach in the cold frame) were the carrots, and they’ve finally sprouted.

The pea shoots have also shot up over the last two weeks.

And it’s the last week of April and the strawberries are already flowering!

One more month and we’ll be able to start eating some of our produce!

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  1. April 26, 2010 8:46 pm

    You and K need your own farm. That’s awesome what you are doing with just a few plots.

    At first I was wondering what those little rocks were and then I remembered your post about the poo fertilizer. :-)

  2. April 30, 2010 9:01 am

    Onions! Oh boy – that sounds awesome!

    It’s funny how you think “Oh great! Lettuce!” when you first get them, but then after a while you’re like “Oh… great… Lettuce”. So much salad. SO MUCH!

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