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Farmer’s Market Sunday

August 30, 2010

Oh, I’m so far behind in posts.  Maybe I’ll be blogging about the summer in the middle of winter the way I’m going.  So much to do, so much to make, so many blog posts to write.  Guess what’s falling by the wayside?  I’ve had a post on crushed tomatoes waiting to be written for more than a week now!

This week’s loot from the market:

  • One loaf Italian Rustic from Our Daily Bread
  • 1 half-gallon reduced fat milk and 1 pint cream from Battenkill Creamery
  • 1 canteloupe, 1 bag of garlic, two ears sweet corn, and 10 jalapeños from Barber Farm
  • 1lb fresh mozzarella from R&G Cheese.
  • 1lb beer sausage and 1lb ground beef from Sweet Tree Farm


  • Oh the milk.  The poor poor milk.  We had TWO half-gallons but one didn’t make it home. That’s what happens when you have a husband who takes the curves at crazy angles, and one bottle smashes against the other.  Like we needed to clean that up on top of everything else we had to do?
  • P.S. We cleaned it up but do you know how bad the car smells now?  Rotten milk baking in the sun, despite our best efforts. Need to get the car detailed.
  • Cream is for more vanilla ice cream.  It’s so good. If only I could stomach the cost of actual vanilla beans and I could have vanilla bean ice cream! Unfortunately, methinks $13 for TWO beans is outrageous. Never mind if it comes from the most exotic lands.
  • We have our own garlic, but with all the canning we’re doing and sauce we’re making we’re running out fast.  I need a whole bed of garlic next year I think.
  • We broke down and bought jalapeños from Barber.  We bought seedlings labeled jalapeños from Peace Tree Farm earlier this year, and they turned out to be cayenne peppers. Not that I don’t appreciate the cayenne peppers, but really, not the same. And the Marconi pepper plants we bought haven’t been very fruitful either.  Not a fan of that farm.  We have lots of tomatillos salsa and stuff to make and we’re going to need some hot stuff!

This week’s menu:


  • Salmon Burgers (from Fresh Market, they were so good!), and a salad made from lettuce from Barber, cucumbers, tomatoes, and carrots from our garden, and sweet corn from Barber Farm


  • Eggplant parmesan with eggplant and tomatoes from our garden, mozzarella cheese from R&G cheese


  • Leftover clam sauce and pasta from last week


  • Anniversary dinner!!


  • Burgers from Sweet Tree Farm, with swiss chard from our garden
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