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September Garden Tally

October 7, 2010

Ok, it turns out I lied last month. SEPTEMBER is the month of tomatoes.

I just tallied up what we harvested from the garden last month and it’s INSANE.


Amish Paste: 16lbs, 11 1/8oz.

Fox Cherry: 15lbs, 3 3/4oz.

Cherokee Purple: 4lbs, 9 5/8oz.

Matt’s Wild Cherry: 2lbs, 1 5/8oz.

German Striped:  2lbs, 2/8oz.

Isis Candy: 1lb, 5/8oz.

Gilbertie: 8oz.

Other things:

Tomatillos: 4lbs, 9 1/2oz.

Green Beans: 2lbs, 4 3/4oz.

Moon and Stars Watermelon: 17lbs

Zucchini: 4lbs, 5 5/8oz.

Dry Beans: 11 1/8oz

I looked up the cost of organic tomatoes at Hannaford in this week’s flyer, and it’s $3.99/lb.

We harvested over 42 POUNDS of tomatoes in September ALONE.  At that price, we grew more than $167 worth last month. Considering we put in about $15-20 in seeds, seedlings, potting soil, mulch, fertilizer, etc. we got a great return on our investment!!

Many of those tomatoes were canned, to be used this winter in lots of tomato sauce, soups, ketchup or bbq sauce and other things.  We also froze a lot, out of pure laziness.  Canning tomatoes gets old fast, I admit.  Luckily our new chest freezer is up to the task. :)

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  1. October 11, 2010 9:29 am

    I had to freeze a bunch too. I figure I will can them up in the winter when I need more freezer room and I want to heat the house up with the canner :)

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