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The End of This Year’s Garden

November 2, 2010

K and I went to collect just about the final produce from the garden last week, before a hard freeze hit and took out everything anyway.

The garden looks so sad now.  The vibrancy of the summer has given way to dull grays and browns of fall.  Bleh.

The Matt’s Wild Cherries are pretty much done, don’t you think? Compared to the way they looked back in August…

Yep, they’re done.

Our tomatillos were still producing abundantly, even through cold weather.


Such a far cry from the plants I grew from seed back in April.

The broccoli has gone to seed.

The eggplant has been picked.

But not all the color has been drained from the garden.

The marigolds are gorgeous!

Now, there are still lots of things in the garden that do quite well after frosts, and will stay in our garden possibly all winter.

Well, these peas won’t last all winter, and I’m unsure anything will happen with them as honeybees hibernate in the wintertime, but I thought I’d try. So far, they’re looking good.

Leeks are still hanging in there, although we’ve been taking quite a few for dinners.  The leeks will stay through the winter if well mulched.

We also still have many many carrots, who will stay well mulched through at least January, if not longer.  I’m thinking of creating a mini root cellar in the garden, by digging a hole, cutting out the bottom of a bucket and putting the pulled carrots in there, then covering with a hay bale so we don’t have to dig through the snow this winter for them.  It’ll have to do until I can get my forever home and land and make a big one.


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  1. November 3, 2010 8:44 am

    A root cellar is a dream of mine! There will be one at my forever home too. :)

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