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The Forever Home Search

November 3, 2010

So our place has been on the market since June, and we’ve only even had a handful of people come look at it.  Kind of disappointing, but with the way the market is, it’s not surprising.  While we continue to hope for a sale, our agent has been looking for homes for us to buy according to our requirements.  A minimum of two acres, a handyman special is ok, a house falling apart on us is not.  I really want a fireplace, and something that makes the house “special,” though I won’t know what that may be until I see it.

We put in a lowball contingent offer (well, it seemed very low to me, but it was in line with the comparables on the market) for the house I loved, but unfortunately the owners didn’t even come back with a counter offer.  The house has been in the family for at least 80 years and I don’t think they realize that it isn’t quite worth what they’re asking for.  In the mean time, we keep looking.

One of the more recent houses we’ve seen seemed on paper to be pretty good. More than 10 acres, a 100+ year old house.  It was one of those homes where they just kept adding on and adding on to, until it was just a mishmosh of rooms and tomfoolery.

The back of the house, looking down the driveway to the front.

What’s that in the distance?

Oh, those would be the truck loading docks for the local Walmart.  Oh.  Yay.

Although it was 10 acres, much of the land wasn’t usable as  there was a ravine on one side of the house, and a big incline on the other.

There hill goes straight up on the other side of that garage/shed.

The house itself was interesting. I wasn’t quite sure where the front of it was.

Was this the front?


Or was this the front?


Or maybe this?

The inside wasn’t much better. Not that it was in horrible condition, but it was a huge circle of rooms that just kept going and going and going…

The kitchen wasn’t bad.

But that over the sink light must go.  K also has a gas stove on his list of musts.

One bedroom.
And another.

And a third.

Nothing too crazy or special.

Nice closets.

A room…to nowhere.

And stairs of doom.

I didn’t get pictures of the room of doom, most unfortunately, that lay at the end of those stairs. But let me assure you, it was.  All dark – DARK- wooden panelling with a matching built-in cupboard that ran the length of one wall.  We opened it up and found an old booklet – “Dealing with your problem teen” in there.  Suggestions included: having long family talks, playing paddleball together, or how about fishing?

I’m guessing that teen must now be in jail.

As a result of the number of old house basements K and I have viewed now, I have begun refusing to descend into the dark dank bottoms of the homes.  When K brought back the camera,  could see I was right in my decision.


Why, hello there, hole in the floor.

I think that’s where the sump pump was?

Guess it’s kinda humid down there, if an outlet can get all rusty like that.


There are no words.

I guess we’ll keep looking!





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