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Indian Kill Preserve

November 14, 2010

Today was gorgeous out, and keeping in mind that there won’t be many nice weather days left to spend outdoors, K and I headed to the Indian Kill preserve.  We checked it out about a month ago and did a short hike, but left before taking the trail to the waterfalls since I had an upset stomach. But I wanted to hike the whole thing, so we headed back today.


Indian Kill is a 100-acre preserve in Glenville that follows along the banks and ridges of the Indian Kill (“creek” in Dutch).  It starts off nice and flat…

…before heading downhill to the dam down below.

After crossing the bridge we first headed east going downstream.


Before circling back west up the ridge.

There are some huge trees on the preserve.

But we finally got started crossing the numerous ridges and valleys trying to find the waterfalls.  The markings for the trails need some serious repainting. It took us twice as long because we kept having to circle back and find the faded markings.

And that was probably the best marking we saw all day.

We crisscrossed back and forth over the kill so many times.  K decided to jump over one small crossing while I took the bridge.

And we finally made it to Third Falls.

It’s not as big as Plotterkill, but still very pretty.  I’d love to sit on the shale shelf in the middle of summer and let the water ht my back.

We needed to cross over again to continue on the trail to Second Falls, but we couldn’t find a place to cross over.

We debated trying to walk across this fallen log.

But it was 12 feet above the water, and we weren’t sure how we’d get down on the other side.

We finally decided to cross on some shale stones sticking out of the water.

It was a little scary because I didn’t want to fall in the water and have to hike out cold and wet.

I mean, there was ice on the water, and it was middle of a sunny afternoon!

But finally we just went for it.

We made it safe and dry and continued picking our way towards Second Falls. There was no pretense of a trail at this point, so we had to keep finding ways over the Kill. This finally involved crossing on a fallen log.

Sorta scary. But we finally made it to Second Falls! (there is no First Falls – it must be on private land).

It was a lot of hiking for not that much in views, but I was really glad to get outside on a nice fall day.  The fresh air, the sun shining down, the babbling water – I love the outdoors!


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  1. November 14, 2010 5:36 pm

    That looks beautiful. And of course K is sporting his JETS shirt :-)

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