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Another House

December 3, 2010

Our search for a forever home continues. It’s not going too well, but I guess it really doesn’t matter because no one’s racing to buy our own either. We still can’t get our mind off that house we love.  But they’re refusing to come down AT ALL, which doesn’t make sense in this market, but oh well, it’s their house.

In the meantime, we keep looking (and hoping they’ll change their mind). A few weeks ago our realtor brought us to this home in East Greenbush with over 10 acres of land.

It has a very long driveway that’s unpaved.  The unpaved part isn’t the problem, but it is shared with 3 other neighbors, and we found out that the owner plows the road during the winter for everyone with a fancy backhoe/plow which he’s not leaving behind.  We don’t really want to be THOSE neighbors who move in and make everyone hate them, but I think we would when we tell the people we’ll no longer be plowing for them.

The house itself isn’t too bad, though has no “pizazz” to me.  Nothing special in other words.  Which sounds terrible to say, but it’s not really quaint, which I really want.

Here’s the mudroom that leads into the house.  There are stairs that lead upwards into the kitchen. It seems that a lot of country houses in this area do this. I wonder why that is?  Someplace to sit while you put on your boots?

The family room. A fireplace has always been a must in our forever home, but I’d never considered a woodstove. After seeing this house, I definitely want one.  A campfire smell is one of my favorite smells in the whole world. When we got out of the car to head inside the house, the stove was on, the chimney puffing smoke outside and it smelled SO GOOD.  Nice and woodsy and countryish, just the way I like it.

We ran into the owner in one of the barns and he told us he’d done all the floors himself.  They are really gorgeous, striped in some places. He also told us he’d refinish them for us if we ended up buying the house. He’s built everything himself, so I have no doubt it’d be great.

We actually liked the kitchen, despite the fact that the counters and appliances need updating.  We really loved the cabinets and would leave them the way they are. One thing though. Why would you not empty out the sink if you knew potential buyers were coming to view your house?

Dining room is fine too.  Also not sure why you wouldn’t clean it up before potential buyers came.

Living room was cute.  But one thing I had to get a closer look at.

What an awesome TV stand! :) That’s taking it literally!

I will forgive the mess of this room.  There was a handwritten sign on the door (written by a kid, no doubt) that read “Messy room! Teenager home from school!” or something to that effect. I do remember how my room used to be once upon a time. I didn’t get a picture, but the floors in this room were GORGEOUS, striped light and dark wood.

Master bedroom.

Master bath. Small but updated.

After viewing upstairs we headed to the basement which was allegedly partially finished.

I just hated the basement.  I don’t like the concrete floors, or the lack of big windows. It reminds me of the house I grew up in, which had water problems. And I think this one does too. It just smelled the same.  And the house is next to a big hill with a ditch dug around it which I think means it either has or had water problems.

Plus, there’s this:

The owner told us that he’d wanted a pond ever since he built the house 20+ years ago so he put one in last year.  I’m not a fan though. It’s the same level as the house and right next to it.  Plus the land all around it was super wet and muddy.

But I loved the outbuildings. LOVED.

The barn didn’t look like anything great from the outside, but inside there’s a horsestall, plus loft for hay and stuff.  The owner told us he built it for his daughter when she wanted a horse.  She rode for 6 months and then quit.  There’s an ungrateful brat for you.  Your dad BUILT you a horsebarn and you quit after 6 months?

Horsebarn – now holds the commercial grade lawn mower and backhoe/plow thing.

Then there was a 2 car barn garage behind it, which was awesome. Once again, the owner built it himself.

Inside were two more wood burning stoves.

It was a cold day, and they were wonderful.

If you went around the back of this barn…

…you found this.

It is so cool.  The owner said his wife used to hold yoga classes here.  Now he was making a huge vat of hard apple cider in it, and of course, using it for storage.

This used to be part of the chicken coop, but they recently dismantled it and sold/gave away the chickens. I was disappointed. The picture of their coop was one of the reasons we wanted to look at this place.

So in the end, although there were a lot of good things about the place, there were enough things we were worried about to keep us from looking at it again. The house is big enough, but I hate the basement and am worried about water. Even though he’s dug a ditch around the house, if it gets blocked or something, perhaps there’ll be more water issues.

The owner is SO handy, he could probably deal with any issues that happen around the house. In fact, he told us he hates being inside and is out in the barns working on something every chance he gets. I’m pretty sure he has the time to do that, and the knowledge. K is pretty handy himself, but has a full time job, and definitely not the same amount of knowledge as this guy should something go wrong.

I also don’t like the pond. It’s not like a pool with a gate around it, it’s right next to the house, and honestly I’d be worried about liability if someone were to get hurt by it (or our own kids).

And finally, I’m not a fan of the really long driveway. The picture above of the driveway was taken half way up, it’s really double that length. We don’t own a plow, don’t have the money for a plow, and don’t want neighbors expecting us to plow for them.  While we know we don’t HAVE to plow, in that area you rely on neighbors to help you out, and I just think we’d become unpopular real fast.

So…back to the drawing board.  We have a showing of our place next week. Maybe something will come of it.




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