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Local seafood?

December 5, 2010

A few weeks (months ago) I found out from Albany Jane’s blog (girl, you need a search button on that thing because I couldn’t find it :) that the Troy Farmer’s Market now has a seafood vendor.

Bestill this seafood-loving girl’s heart. That is the ONLY thing I’ve felt this area has been missing at our farmers’ markets, but I’ve been trying to be patient since we’re not really anywhere near an ocean, ya know?

Since then, I’ve been bugging K about going back to the Troy market, which we haven’t been back to in over a year, I think.  It’s funny, because we used to make the trek (from Schenectady) there every Saturday morning, but when the Schenectady Greenmarket opened up we didn’t feel like making the trek anymore. Plus it’s on Saturdays, and we have lots to do on Saturdays. Sunday mornings close to home are good for us.

Yesterday, we finally remembered to go. And holy S*#& it has doubled in size since the last time. It was awesome. Even slightly more awesome than the Greenmarket, I admit.

They have so many more cheese vendors in Troy than we do in Schenectady. They have so many more farms. We have a lot more soaps and non-food related vendors. They sell lamb and goat.  And have the Placid Baker.  Yum yum yum.

I do love my Greenmarket though, and will continue to be a faithful customer.  But it was wonderful to see.

Just part of the Troy market


Anyway, after taking it all in, we found the seafood vendor, Pura Vida Fisheries, from Long Island. At approximately 212 miles from us, I am happy to say it meets our 250 mile “local” meter.


Rick is a 3rd generation fisherman wh fishes with his brother and cousins. All of his fish is wildcaught and caught under permits from the Dept. of Commerce and the National Marine Fisheries Service, so it’s sustainably caught as well.  They’ve got many kinds of fish, from monkfish to flounder to sea scallops.  K and I got half a dozen oysters (blue points) and a dozen clams to steam later on.

A little cocktail sauce, a little lemon juice, and we enjoyed these on the half shell last night. They were so fresh, so delicious. Yum!! We’re going have to get over to Troy more often.


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