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Second Annual Tree Pilgrimage

December 12, 2010

The Sunday after Thanksgiving , K and I made our second annual pilgrimage to Bob’s Trees in Galway, NY.

We really like this tree farm.  The trees aren’t very cheap, but it’s a nice, large place that’s well managed.  We were given a saw and a map and we headed out to look for some trees.

K really wanted a Douglas Fir, but I loved the tree with had last year, which was a Fraser Fir.  Their needles are short and stubby.

We tried to find a Douglas, but there weren’t very many to choose from. That field only has very small trees. In a few years, they’ll be ready again.

So we headed towards the Fraser Firs, walking and walking until we thought we found the perfect one.

It was TALL, but we thought it fit perfectly if we lopped off the scraggly top.  So K got to work and cut it down.

We trekked over hill and dale to pay for it, and then got it tied up on top of the car.  This year we remembered to bring rope, but next year we need to bring a tarp or a sled because that will make getting it out of the field so much easier!



After taking off the top, it barely fit under our ceiling. At almost 9 ft. tall it’s the biggest tree we’ve ever had! But it’s a beaut!


I love getting a real tree from a tree farm each year.  Just like eating local, I’m keeping my money in our community and supporting small farmers.

Last year I posted some myths about both real and artificial trees that are busted. You can feel good about buying a real tree from a tree farm!

MYTH #1:  Real Christmas Trees are cut down from forests.
:  Only a tiny percentage of trees come from forests.  Most come from a farm where growers plant one to three seedlings for each tree harvested.

MYTH #2: You save a tree by using an artificial tree
Trees are a crop.  They’re planted by farmers to be used specifically as Christmas trees.  Artificial trees come in a cardboard box.  Does that save a tree?

MYTH #3: It’s better to use an artificial tree because you can reuse it each year.
Research shows that most artificial trees are only used six to nine years before they end up in a landfill.  Real trees are biodegradable and recyclable.  They can be used for mulch and erosion control.

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  1. S1B permalink
    December 13, 2010 10:38 am

    Yay Christmas trees! We’d love to go chop our tree down but I (also) love Fraser Firs, yet live in an area where they don’t grow :-( so it’s shipped in trees for us.

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