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February 10, 2011

I am a snowshoeing fanatic!!

Ever since we tried snowshoeing while in Vermont, I’ve wanted to go again.  Before trying it the first time, I thought that snowshoeing would be boring, cold, and slightly painful, but now after doing it twice, I love it.

We headed up to the Thacher Park Nature Center and rented snowshoes ($5 for half a day!) .  The ladies there told us we could go snowshoeing on and around Thompson Lake and I was thrilled. I haven’t stood on a frozen lake since I was little!

K wanted to try the old fashioned-type of snow shoes while I was happy to stay in the more modern kind.

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We saw snowmobile tracks all over the frozen lake and despite the frigidity, I couldn’t believe that people were willing to risk themselves by driving heavy machinery onto the lake.   Heck, I was nervous that I myself would crack the ice!

Luckily, I didn’t, which is good, since I’m sure I don’t weigh as much as a snowmobile. :) We tramped upon the very quiet lake, the only sound reaching us the wind whistling through the trees.  Honestly, it was beautiful.

There were a few people ice fishing on the lake.  I wonder what’s in that little house/shed get up?  I don’t think ice fishing is my cup of tea.  It was so cold….

We finally headed back onto a snowshoe trail out the back side of the lake, working up some heat.  There’s no way I can stay cold while snowshoeing. I’m always unzipping my coat and taking off my gloves before long, I’m so hot.  And burning calories in the cold – extra work for my muscles!

Along the trail we saw this old house:

The windows were broken out and the chimney was falling over and it obviously hadn’t been used in a long time.  I wondered what it was used for.  A cabin for some campers? An old house for the park ranger?  A little summertime house on the lake?

It drew me to it for some reason.  The whole walk was a little magical, and I was enjoying the easiness of being outdoors, despite the 15 degree weather.

I wonder what fun was had in this house once, before it gave itself away to the elements.  Did kids scramble up those stairs? Did people whisper to each other at night from those now-rusted bunkbeds in the larger room?

There’s something about snow that makes the world magical, somehow.  So often I’ve tried to stay out of the cold weather, completely indoors away from the freezing wind, the wet cold that settles on you after awhile.  But snowshoeing is the first winter activity I’ve tried as an adult that is easy enough, yet keeps me warm enough, to keep going back for more.

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