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Cherry Season

June 27, 2011

This past weekend cherry season started up here, and we headed to Fix Bros. to PYO! I have big plans for cherries this season and none of them include making cherry jam! (I have enough from previous years still sitting in my pantry).  This year I managed to convince my dad to come picking with us, and he did so mainly because he loved that cherry jam I gave my parents last year SO MUCH he wants to make some of his own.

K wants to make another batch of his cherry wine this year so we needed to pick 18lbs alone just for that! I have my eyes on a variety of other things, so we ended up with 35lbs!

The rain that occurred EVERY. SINGLE.DAY last week had done a number on the cherries. The ones on top of the hills were delicious, where the cherry trees at the bottoms were waterlogged, and many were moldy.  You could tell the difference in weight too!  A bag of cherries we picked from the bottom of the hill weighed only 8lbs, but from the top of the hill weighed 12.

Still, we found many beauties!

This year, cherries were later than normal, so we ended up picking the first week, whereas we usually pick the second.  (Yes, isn’t it amazing that cherry season lasts only 2 weeks per year?) There were so many more Ranier cherries than I’m used to! They’re usually all picked out by the time we go.

Look at the beautiful colors. The Rainiers are obviously on the right, and the sweet cherries on the left.  I thought I might actually have enough for a small jar of Rainer cherry jam, but we decided to save them for eating throughout the week instead.

Tonight, while K worked on his cherry wine, I spent much of the evening pitting another 5lbs for my next cherry project- Maraschino cherries!  It’s a 3 day process, but stay tuned to see if I can do it right!


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  1. June 28, 2011 7:08 am

    Oh my. Color me green with envy. The only cherry u-picks we have are for sour cherries, which are good, but Rainiers? Oh my. I think they’d have to weigh me going in, and then again going out, because I am sure I would eat myself sick, while picking!

    Looking forward to seeing how you make the maraschino cherries. :)

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