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Garden Update

July 16, 2011

K has been taking care of the garden much more than I have this year. I finally went back to help him for the first time in a few weeks today. Things are looking pretty good!

After working alternately with flimsy bamboo sticks and twisted tomato cages the last few years, the hubby and I were on the hunt for something cost effective (since we needed more than 20) and sturdy to stake our tomatoes, tomatillos, and cucumbers. We finally settled on PVC pipes, buying 10 foot lengths at $1.79 each and sawing them in half to make two stakes for every one length we bought.  The finished product looks pretty good! I use old garbage bag ties to strap each tomato “branch” to the PVC pipe to keep it off the ground.

We have about 20 tomato plants again this year.  Fox Cherry, Pineapple, Roma, and Matt’s Wild Cherry are all ones we’ve grown before, but we decided to try a new one, the Sugarlump. We think it’ll be similar to Matt’s Wild Cherry.

We’ve never grown sunflowers before in our plot, but many other gardeners grow them in theirs. It appears some birds must have dropped a few errant seeds last year as we have several growing in our plot this year. Beautiful! And the bees love them too.

We are far behind in our plantings.  Last year we probably would have had green beans already by this time, but we only planted these a few weeks ago.  Weeks and weeks of rain kept us out of the garden. These are Bush Blue Green Beans.

We are growing these cukes for our friend Angie this year. We still have plenty of pickles left over from last year!

A little hidden from view, but these are red cherry hot peppers. A little too hot for me, but K loves them.  As you can see, we are still in the midst of laying down newspaper and mulch to keep out the weeds. A never ending process!

Thai basil.  Very pretty with its purpley/brown flowers. It has a licorice sort of taste to it.

Considering our late start this year I think we will be doing more of a fall planting this year since we completely missed pea season. And I love my peas!

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  1. July 20, 2011 7:56 am

    Your garden looks great! I have also been dealing with those twisted tomato cages but I found a way to keep them useful for a few more years. I put a three-foot wooden stake next to each cage and secured them together with some natural twine. It keeps them standing upright when the plants get huge.
    Aren’t those garbage bag ties great for tying up plants? They work great, as long as I remember not to twist them too tight so the plants have room to grow.
    Oh, I am totally having cuke envy right now. My plants did horrible this year! And half of my beans did not even germinate so I had to replant – we will be having late beans this year.
    But we are going to be burried in tomatoes in a couple of weeks.

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